Pre-MEST is a free Software Development program that helps young people living Kumasi take their skills in business and technology to the next level.

We enable Economic Opportunities for African youth and businesses through Digital Innovation and Enterprise Development.

We are a Mission-Driven Organization

Whizzy Academy is on a mission to accelerate the pace of the African youth to enable them actively participate in the New Economy for improved economic opportunities through better skills, better network and better support.
We aspire to become the leading organization on the African continent spearheading digital skills for improved economic opportunities. We execute our vision through:
  • Our four (4) Core Programs
  • Consultancy Assignments/Projects
  • The Digital Economy Summit

Core Programs


Our GoDigital program is a leveler for entrepreneurs who want to scale and compete globally.

It's designed to empower businesses with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to reach global audiences and increase revenue through digital channels.


This initiative provides the much needed opportunity for females to upskill their digital skills or train in digital marketing.

In so doing, we believe more females will be able to participate in the gig economy for improved income opportunities


This is a high energy business ideation bootcamp that employs lean startup methodologies for aspiring entrepreneurs to seek validation for their business ideas before launch.

Participants work in teams, usually over 4 weekends


This program teaches participants how to integrate the following Core Skills into their work or life: Curiosity & Discovery, Communication & Empathy, Collaboration & Teamwork, Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving and Citizenship & Leadership.

Consultancy Assignments/Projects

The team at Whizzy Academy together with other experts have several years of experience in designing, developing and implementing youth employability initiatives, soft skills curricula and training manuals, as well as undertaking various consultancy assignments with both local and international NGO’s.

We have expertise in employability and entrepreneurship program design, curriculum development, training of trainers, workshop facilitation, digital inclusion, digital transformation and other similar programs.

Join the Tribe

Whizzy Academy is one big tribe of ideators, creators, and innovators seeking to change the narrative in Africa through better skills, better network and better peer support.

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Our Partners

We are on a mission to facilitate the pace of the African youth to enable them actively participate in the New Economy. This mission is shared and supported by various partners including...

FREE Digital Marketing Masterclass

The Pre-MEST program, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and their Young Africa Works strategy, is currently looking for young people based in Ghana who want to build their skills in technology and business to join their free training program in Software Development.

Date and Time Options:

Pre-MEST is an early-stage training program that targets young people seeking employment as well as entrepreneurs with the desire to build their technology and business acumen.